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FCC Tribute Page Revisited – part 2

Full disclosure: I really don’t know how many parts this tribute page is going to have. Due to work stuff (and finally getting around to playing Final Fantasy XII) this week was a slow week dev wise.

I went to Thursday’s meetup event and was impressed. There were a few technical difficulties but I was happy to see everyone keep their cool. Since moving here I’ve just felt so much more anxious about everything and I’m afraid to look like an idiot– but I’m learning something new and I’m going to look like an idiot, so I just need to put in the time until I reach the point where I know what I’m talking about. ::audible groan::

What I’m actually annoyed about are some insecurities I’ve had for a very very long time. While I was watching a demo on using JEST a testing library for Javascript I was smacked across the face with functions. In the context of something like Excel, I love functions! they make sense and Excel helps you understand how to correctly use them with minimal errors. But in the context of coding, functions mean ALGEBRA. For those of you who don’t know me, algebra is legit my arch nemesis. I can trace this back as far as the 7th grade. We had a quarter system in my JHS, and my math scores were something like 95 / 94 / 67 / 93. The 67 was the quarter where algebra was introduced to our class. As someone who’s worked with students, I really don’t know why I was not pulled aside for intervention especially because this haunted me in the 8th grade when I took Algebra and received the first “C” in a class IN MY LIFE. I went home, curled up in my parent’s bed before they got home, crying into my report card.  But that wasn’t the end of it. Then in the summer between 9th  & 10th grade, I was given the opportunity to attend summer school to get ahead in math. We did 6 hours of Algebra 2 every day– and I got an F. Since I spent the summer exposed to Algebra, I was put in an honors class for my sophomore year– at the midpoint, I was doing so badly that I was moved to a lower level class and still failed for the year! Finally, as a junior, I was put in a class that was more my speed with an excellent teacher, AND I GOT AN A! But the damage has already been done. Even when I went to college I had to repeat finite math several times. I got out of my math requirements by taking classes like data analysis (basically a how-to for MS Excel) and Statistics for Business. But Algebra isn’t going anywhere. The only thing I can compare it to is how I felt before I learned how to drive, in the sense that whenever the situation arises where I’m supposed to use a skill that I don’t know and have legit been traumatized by, I walk in the opposite direction. But both of these skills are the things that are between me and better, more fulfilling life, so I have to suck it up and work on the skills. There is no shortcut.

Anyway. Here are my notes from the week:

28-Mar 18:04 19:45 1:41
Used the girls who code website as inspiration for a color scheme.
Used W3 Schools to pull the parts of the code that I need to make the layout what I want it to be.
Idk if it’s just me but my code feels a bit disorganized. I would love to see how someone else formats their HTML/CSS and how they use their comments. Is there a style guide like MLA/APA is to writing?

lots of anxiety towards the end of the meetup. Being in a space where I have to force myself to focus and work on my projects was a good practice. I just felt so unimpressive working on FEWD when people were testing out Javascript functions.

31-Mar 8:00 9:00 1:00
Trying to incorporate sections that have a background color and ones that do not. Apparently, I cannot add padding around the image because it will make the FCC test fail–but without it, there’s just too much whitespace. Maybe try margin? A good resource for color harmonies https://htmlcolorcodes.com/color-picker/

Added copy into ed/law/politics/code sections. I want the columns to be responsive because they only look nice next to each other. Perhaps use @media query with window min/max? Also, I need to figure out font sizes/how to make font sizes responsive.


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FCC Tribute Page Revisited – part 1

This was written on 03-25-19 @ 11pm-ish

As I mentioned to the IE-SD Slack chat, I *finally* got back to the project page. I got there years ago, and made it on my teenage crush Brandon Boyd. That embarrassing little nugget lives on codepen.io.

But I experienced some legit panic when I looked at the project on Sunday, cuz real talk… I forgot ALL OF THE BASICS. It’s been so long since I’ve even had to set up a page!!
There’s a part of me that was going to start reaching out to people but someone in the FCC Slack chat posted this and it made me pause for a bit because I’ve been dealing with this… funk a lot lately.

Lately, I’ve been having a hard time with being wrong– or uninformed or not being able to make good inferences, or whatever. Since leaving Chicago, I’ve had to learn two jobs —at the same time–that have very precise directions. There are usually immediate consequences involved when you don’t follow the directions at work and one way or another the customer suffers because they’re not being serviced accurately and efficiently. I’ve had both of these jobs for a year now so there’s been a good deal of note taking, workflow forming, and flat out crying when I feel dumb. To be honest, you’d think that I would be better at dealing with these feelings, but really, I’m not. It’s taken a lot of tools to reign in runaway emotions and straight up panic attacks to be where I’m at right now.

So after some breathing and talking out loud about the things I forgot, I told my husband that this is likely going to keep happening. At some point in my development career, someone is going to ask me to do something that I’ve done before, but cannot remember. The better I get at understanding how to code, the more I’ll need to learn how to dig around for solutions.

So that’s what I did. I went on W3school and one by one knocked out the *minimum* requirements for the tribute project. Just going one by one until the test script climbed up and read 10/10– and YAY, it fucking worked.

I’m going to call it a night. Tomorrow, I can focus on making it pretty.


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