Checking in

Hey Y’all.

I’m still in Cali and I’m working on the FreeCodeCamp curriculum at a v slow pace.

I redid all of the lessons that I completed years ago because the curriculum has had a lot of updates and I didn’t want to miss out on anything. This week specifically I’ve started recording my stats. Not to micromanage myself, per se but so that I can pace myself and reflect a little bit on what I’m doing. Here are my notes from this week.

Applied Visual Design

12-Mar 23:11-23:45
Offsetting elements by pixels. Different ways to color an element in CSS. Basic ish.

13-Mar 11:25-11:45
Lunch break. Got stuck on Hex vs rgb/hsl.

13-Mar 23:25-23:56
OMG, WHY DID I OVERTHINK THAT?! The trick was that they literally wanted me to use hex #s instead of following the RGB( x, y, z )format.  These lessons offer neat tricks in how to manipulate color, texture, direction (i.e. color gradients that tilt on a diagonal angle).

14-Mar 18:51-19:53
The devil is in the details. Try to take every piece of instruction literally.  The content of these lessons is about creating simple shapes like circles, squares, and hearts as well as manipulating them by making them fade and move. Cool stuff–but how often will I actually have to do this down the line?

15-Mar 22:41-22:48 0:07
We went over animation-timing-function: cubic-bezier(x1, y1, x2, y2);. I have a hard time explaining exactly what this is, but it has something to do with changing animation speeds. This is the first time CSS has ever looked like a math problem.

Progress level

Total time this week: 2:34
15% or 213 out of 1409 total lessons





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