The genius that comes out of stupid side projects

A while back, an article came out with Spotify’s design lead instructing us all to indulge in side projects–especially the stupid ones.  There are plenty projects that started out with a different objective in mind or  forays into our own imaginations and we should all do our best to harness these ideas when they happen, sprinkle a little bit of time and nurturing thoughts onto them to see where they go.  Truth is, while some things have come into creation on purpose, others were serendipitous (ever hear of velcro or post-it notes?).

Personally, I work full-time and attend school full-time so usually my free time is spent on homework and mind numbing activities (i.e. Facebook and Youtube).  However whenever I do have some mental space, I try to put it into something like working on this blog(sporadic as the posts may be) or spending a few hours crafting things, or even adding to my list of imaginary businesses I would like to run one day.

Side projects give you the ability to work on something that you’re interested in without any real-world consequences so the next time you have a kooky idea, doodle up a plan and put some time into it to see where it goes.  Even if you end up on this list, it’s better than letting those thoughts stay in the gray matter…

….well maybe we could’ve done without the toilet mask.




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